Epson Stylus Color 740 EPSON Stylus Updater ovladač stažení zdarma (ver. 1.­0cEs)

Na této stránce je stažení vždy zdarma Epson Stylus Color 740 EPSON Stylus Updater ovladač pro Tiskárny.

EPSON Stylus Updater (ver. 1.­0cEs) spušteno 1970.01.01.

Složka stažena 1 krát a byla viděna 501 krát.

Kategorie Tiskárny
Značka Epson
Zařízení Stylus Color 740
Operační systém Mac OS X
Verze 1.­0cEs
Typ složky 3.82 Mb
Spuštěno 1970.01.01
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This self-extracting file will place a folder on the desktop labeled,­ "Stylus Driver Updater v1.­0cEs".­ Open the folder and run the ,­"Epson Stylus Updater".­ This updater corrects file operation with Apple Macintosh Manager,­ improves compatibility with Remote Access,­ corrects an issue where characters printed from a word processor such as Microsoft Word or Appleworks gets clipped or dropped from the right edge of the printed page,­ and eliminates the issue of dots in the margin when using digital camera correction.­ It is recommended that you download and install the appropriate Mac OS and Firmware Updates from Apple (www.­apple.­com).­ NOTE: You will need to download and install the latest printer driver for your printer,­ prior to installing this updater.­ You can find the latest printer driver on this page.­

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