Epson ES-1000C TWAIN ovladač stažení zdarma (ver. 2.­20E)

Na této stránce je stažení vždy zdarma Epson ES-1000C TWAIN ovladač pro Skenery.

TWAIN (ver. 2.­20E) ZIP spušteno 1970.01.01.

Složka stažena 0 krát a byla viděna 1775 krát.

Kategorie Skenery
Značka Epson
Zařízení ES-1000C
Operační systém Windows NT, Windows 95, Win 3.1x
Verze 2.­20E
Typ složky 718 Kb
Typ složky ZIP
Spuštěno 1970.01.01
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This self extracting file contains the Epson TWAIN 2.­20e driver.­ Note: Some features are not available for the ES-300C,­ ES-600C,­ ES-800C and ES-1200C scanners.­ This driver works with a bidirectional parallel interface or Adaptec SCSI interface.­ Other SCSI interface cards may not be compatible.­ Note: 8MB RAM minimum for Windows 3.­1,­ 16MB RAM minimum required for Windows NT or Windows 95.­ This driver offers the following features: 1.­ Calibrate your scanner to your monitor and printer.­ 2.­ Capture scanned images from within your application.­ 3.­ Automatically locate,­ expose,­ and scan an image.­ 4.­ Adjust individual settings and preview the effects before your scan.­ 5.­ Choose single or triple-pass scanning.­ 6.­ Save and reuse favorite scanning settings.­

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